Architects & Engineers

The practice consists of specialized and experienced engineers and deals with holistic projects. Thanks to the twenty – year experience of the company on project development, we can undertake architectural studies, the management and construction of large and small-scale demanding projects. Since 2012 the firm deals with hospitality and has already delivered a great range of architectural studies and construction of new-built hotels in Athens and Cyclades islands.  Considering the design, our goal is to create high-end buildings in accordance with traditional architecture and modern design principles. Regarding the construction, we always follow innovative techniques and use top-notch materials to make long-lasting quality structures. 



The architectural practice provides a fully bespoke service across all work stages, from preparation, design and pre-construction, to construction and use for any project. The many years of experience of our associates, the modern methods and certified building materials, working with the most reputable companies in the market as well as the responsible and continuous supervision of the engineers of our company guarantee a result that exceeds the highest demands.
  • Preliminary Design – Detailed Design – Tender Documentation
  • Building Permit Documentation of Private Projects
  • "Antiparoches”
  • Construction of Private Projects - Site Supervision of Private Projects

  • Residential - Office - Retail Renovations
  • Interior Design

Financial Data

You can download the recent balance sheets and interim financial reports in PDF form.

Company Policies

XKS Architects & Engineers SA adopts and implements the following Policies:

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